Ballast Research is now Penta. We are the world’s first comprehensive stakeholder solutions firm.

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Our Clients

Each of our clients understands the value of policymakers’ time and works with us to optimize every interaction. The result is more productive, mutually beneficial, and efficient engagement.

Partnering for Success

Our clients are Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, and nonprofits looking to forge more productive partnerships with those in government.

Direct feedback from senior policymakers, bolstered by insights gathered by Ballast over nearly a decade, allows our clients to validate impact, understand opportunities, and determine optimal strategy and investment for future success.

“Ballast built a perfect road map for policymakers and advocates alike. We all must learn to work together to find common ground for the good of our nation.”
Special Counsel
Federal Agency

Representing Key Fields and Industries

Ballast’s clients are leaders within the 16 fields and industries most relevant to today’s policy discussions. Whether they represent healthcare or tech, our clients bring years of advocacy best practice, built with nearly a decade of policymaker feedback, into every meeting.

A few of our 60+ clients

Our Impact

Case Study

Building a Post-Merger Advocacy Presence

How Ballast helped a client expand its most effective advocacy strategies to a new acquisition.
Case Study

Assessing Grassroots Effectiveness

How our research helped a client strengthen the cadence and quality of its policymaker engagements.
Case Study

Validating Bipartisan Support

How Ballast helped a client validate — and strengthen — its presence on both sides of the aisle.

Work With Us.

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