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State Advocacy Consulting

Our Process

International corporations and regional organizations across the country work with Ballast to understand each state’s unique policy environment.

Ballast provides its state advocacy clients with targeted feedback from senior policymakers at the state and local level, helping them understand how policymakers at all levels define productive and mutually beneficial advocacy.

The Survey

Policymakers provide input on advocate engagement across 10 key drivers of effectiveness, including credibility, influence, and level of engagement. We then rate an organization’s findings against its peers to contextualize its overall reputation and approach.

The Interviews

Qualitative interviews give policymakers the opportunity to provide confidential feedback to advocates about their engagement. Policymakers provide anecdotal and comparative data that inform our case studies, best practices, and targeted advocacy recommendations.

“What your organization perceives as its strengths may not be the same as what the rest of the policy world sees. Ballast helps us obtain unbiased feedback from policymakers to make an evidence-driven argument.”
Senior Vice President
Healthcare Nonprofit

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