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Validating Bipartisan Support

The Ask:

A national trade association sought to demonstrate to its Board of Directors that it remained a constructive and well-respected voice among policymakers on both sides of the aisle.

Our Process:

Via a quantitative survey, policymakers on the left and right assessed the client’s performance on 10 key drivers of government affairs efficacy, including credibility, influence, and level of engagement.

Our Findings:

The client stood out as a universally respected trade association within an industry known for being highly polarizing. However, the client still had room for improvement, as its reputation was significantly higher among one party relative to the other.

The Solution

Ballast worked with the client to develop advocacy strategies most useful and appealing to members of the party in which its reputation trailed. Ballast also presented its findings to the client’s member organizations, highlighting its status as a positive and effective presence in the challenging DC environment.