Ballast Research is now Penta. We are the world’s first comprehensive stakeholder solutions firm.

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Advancing the world’s most effective policy conversations

Ballast Research provides direct feedback from senior policymakers to government relations professionals, helping advocates make better use of policymakers’ time and provide the resources most useful to those in government.

Our Impact

Case Study

Assessing Grassroots Effectiveness

How our research helped a client strengthen the cadence and quality of its policymaker engagements.
Case Study

Tying Philanthropy to Constituent Impact

How our research helped a client highlight the impact of its philanthropy to key policymakers.
Case Study

Building a Post-Merger Advocacy Presence

How Ballast helped a client expand its most effective advocacy strategies to a new acquisition.
“Ballast gives us ‘market intelligence’ directly from policymakers. This informs our strategic planning and ensures our message and methods provide policymakers with the information they need.”
Executive Vice President and Counsel
Fortune 50 Company
“I’m always trying to increase the communication quality between the regulated community and the regulators. When we do a better job of that, we’ll see better outcomes and better public policy.”
Senior Director
Federal Agency

A few of our 60+ clients

We’re Growing.

We are always looking for exceptional talent to help our clients solve the biggest challenges in policy engagement. If you are interested in joining a team of collaborative and dedicated problem-solvers, reach out to us. We’d love to connect.