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What is Ballast Research?

Ballast Research provides direct feedback from senior policymakers to government relationships professionals, helping advocates make better use of policymakers’ time and provide the resource most useful to those in government.


What is the objective of this study?

Through our research, we want to understand how individuals such as yourself think about the most predominant policy issues and see companies, associations, and other non-government organizations engage in them.


Is my participation confidential?

Your participation is confidential, voluntary, and not for attribution. That means the fact that you have provided your input is known only to us (i.e. Ballast Research employees), and the content of that input is shared without attribution to you (e.g., Chief of Staff, House, R).


What do you do with the research?

We do two things with the research: we use it to advise companies and associations that are active in advocacy at the federal level and we distribute an overview of our findings to policymakers who participated in the research. Some materials are published publicly on our website.


How does Ballast store and secure my personal information?

Ballast Research takes its information security responsibilities seriously and applies various precautions to ensure your information is securely stored and protected from loss, theft, or misuse.


Where can I obtain more information about Ballast Research’s privacy practices?

For additional information about our privacy practices visit our website at