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Best Practices for Associations During COVID-19

The Situation:

In a difficult public health and economic environment, many organizations in the private sector have stepped up and taken actions to support their employees, their customers, their local communities, and to assist the US healthcare system in treating or beating COVID-19. Associations play a key role in highlighting the work of their members and acting as a trusted intermediary for policymakers.

Our Process:

Ballast is tracking the actions of leading associations, and engaging directly with senior policymakers to surface broader reputational impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, best practices to move the needle for specific organizations and industries, and data that demonstrates the impact this work has had during these difficult times.

Overview of the Report:

As both policymakers and associations’ members navigate a coronavirus-focused Washington, associations can help both groups as brokers of relationships and information. Although approaches and actions vary by industry, most associations’ toolkits include:

  • Providing regular updates to policymakers about their industry
  • Aggregating member companies’ responses to the crisis to inform policymakers
  • Creating communications toolkits for members
  • Organizing a central resource page with relevant regulations for members

Ballast’s analysis showcased how certain associations have gone above and beyond in providing both tools and information to their members and for external audiences (i.e., Congress).

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