A Framework for Measuring Advocacy Success

A Framework for Measuring Advocacy Success

Years of research with actual policymakers isolated the elements of an organization’s reputation and advocacy investment that determines long-term public policy success.

Our research seeks to answer the following questions:

  • What makes for effective advocacy? Can it be measured?
  • What do government policymakers really want from their private sector colleagues?
  • What matters to them?  What doesn’t?
  • What are they getting from us?  What are they getting from others?

Our annual research answers these questions by asking policymakers for their direct and candid feedback, over time.  As a result of our regular engagement with senior decisionmakers, we have identified the set of factors that most easily distinguish advocates and best serve their intended audience.

Based on our years of research, we have identified (a) how to measure actual effectiveness, as opposed to perceived effectiveness and (b) the limited set of investments that are likely to produce the highest return for any advocacy organization: