Policymakers’ Impressions of Advocacy During COVID-19

How the Hill and the Executive view advocates’ actions in this evolving crisis

Washington Insights Review – 2019

Insights gained from Ballast’s most recent annual research on advocacy in Washington, D.C.

Best Practices for Associations During COVID-19

How leading associations have supported their members and policymakers during COVID-19

Industry Responses to COVID-19

The ways in which the private sector has stepped up to support employees, customers, local communities, and the US healthcare system in responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

Paid Media for a Policymaker Audience During COVID-19

An analysis of DC-focused digital advertising from organizations during COVID-19


COVID-19 Resources As your organization responds to this public health crisis, it’s important to keep policymakers apprised of the steps…

Case Studies

Case Study Tying Philanthropy to Constituent Impact How our research helped a client highlight the impact of its philanthropy to…

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Case Study

Building a Post-Merger Advocacy Presence

How Ballast helped a client expand its most effective advocacy strategies to a new acquisition.